About us

Why I named this section “About us” and not “About me”…

I feel the photographic process as an interaction between me and you. Your emotions, moods and desires are reflected in the image. On the other hand, I will also be imprinted in it. This imprint of the photographer is important. Thanks to it, we perceive some photos as fascinating, while others are like just nice pictures, which we will forget after a while. Imagine a look at an old photo. You feel its magic. As if the characters shown on it were supposed to telling their story. Let’s talk about your story together, so that the next generation will experience unforgettable moments of your life with you. Let’s create something more together.

My story:
My grandfather was an enthusiastic photographer (under the word enthusiastic look for cabinets full of photos, photo books and camera equipment). His love for photography was passed on to my father, who, however, stayed at the occasional photo shooting. My grandfather sensed when it was time to attract me to the magic of lights, and many years ago he gave me my first camera. I fell in love with it, so we spent subsequent visits discussing photos (my wife was not very excited). After his death, I inherited a lot of photo equipment. To this day, I hold two beautiful film cameras..

And now back to you:
If you want to see natural feeling in the photos, get in touch with me, I’m happy to meet you.
If you would like to meet over a cup of good coffee or tea and talk about photography, get in touch with me, I would like to be inspired.
If you would like to grind in my modest photo library (around 80 pieces of books), get in touch with me, I would like to meet other passionate photo lovers.

I look forward to meeting you,